XMF Remote Proof (Digital)

Remote Proof with us!

With XMF Remote Proofing you can upload files, review and approve jobs from anywhere. XMF empowers you to drive the print approval process anytime day or night. It provides job upload, pre-flighting, proofing and approval facilities that are easy to use and accessible from an online portal. In addition to speeding up approvals and streamlining production, it's easy to set up multiple users with access on a per-job basis while enabling hierarchical approval sequences to be implemented. Proofing has never been easier and XMF is included in every bid at no charge!


XMF 3D Proof (Digital)

3D Proof with us!

Need to see it in 3D? XMF Workflow allows you to view your files as 3D digital mockups complete with the ability to turn virtual pages in the viewer, show the effects of different paper types, and rotate your project virtually so you can view it from any angle. We can help get you set up with XMF's integrated viewer which provides contone & bitmap viewers as well as a 3D proof of the job for fast approval. The 3D Proof can even be exported as a .jar file for external review as a mock-up. 

Content Proof (Hard Copy)

Proof content with us!

Sometimes you just need to touch it, see it, and feel what it's going to look like before going to press. Our content proofs are not for proofing color, but they are copy accurate, trimmed, folded, and/or bound to provide a physical mock-up of your project. Content proofs are used to proof layout, copy, trim, size, and the important physical aspects of your job. Many customers combine content proofs with color proofs to really nail down expectations of the final result. 


Color Proof (Hard Copy)

Proof color with us!

Our color proofs provide contract quality that is color matched to the G7 (GRACoL 7) standard. All color proofs are printed on Glossy Proof Paper (Ideal for coated jobs) using a high-end Epson printer which uses 8 colors to achieve superior image quality. While we don't always guarantee an "exact" color match due to the difference in printing methodologies, we've calibrated to a very close approximation at roughly 90% color match or better. In many cases, the difference is negligible and unnoticeable to the naked eye. We can also stamp proofs with g7 certification for a reasonable fee.