How to Place Your Order

Step 1: Schedule Your Project

Schedule with us!

Reserve Press Time
Project turnaround time may vary and is subject to press availability
Production time starts when files are approved to print
Maintaining tight turnaround windows requires cooperation and adherence to the schedule
Our production schedule is updated  daily and every effort is made to exceed your expectations
Press Time is allocated on "First Come/First Reserved" basis


Step 2: Place Your Order Online

Order with us!

Submit Order Prior to Submitting Files (Earlier is Better)
Orders are required at least 24 Hrs or more prior to submitting files
Job tickets can't be made without an order and estimate #.
Files can't be worked on without a job ticket
Files submitted without an order may be put on hold until we are able to confirm your order
Project Orders ensure accuracy of job details and eliminate confustion


Step 3: Submit Your Files via XMF

Drop files with XMF!

Know Your Proofing Window
Proofing Options
No Proof (Customer assumes 100% proofing liability)
XMF Digital Proofs (Real-time "green check" approval)
Hard Copy Proofs (Local - Approx 2 days)
Hard Proofs (Not Local - Approx 3 days or more)
Delays in submitting files can result in missed or re-adjusted production dates and deadlines


Step 4: Proof Your Files

Proof your files!

Know Your Production Window
Upon approval you job can be plated for press.
Press (Approx 1 day)
Postpress (Approx 1-3days)
Mailing Services (Approx 2-5days)
Ship (Add Transit Time)
Deliver (This aligns to your Deadline Date)
Delays in approving proofs can result in missed or re-adjusted production dates and deadlines


Step 5: Approve Your Project

Approve files to print!

Know Your Shipping Window
~Ship Date
This is the day your project is ready for will call or ready to ship from EWP
~Delivery Date
This is the date your project is scheduled to arrive at its destination. (Can be same as ship date).
~USPS Drop Date
This is the date your project is entered at a USPS facility
USPS In-home dates are governed by USPS policy and outside our control.