UV Process Printing

What does every print buyer want? Better quality, lower price, faster turn around, excellent service. That's what we all want and it has been that way for years. So, there's nothing new about that- or is there?

With today's slowing economy the need to improve print products overall while maintaining costs, service and turn around times is more prevalent than ever. We hear from publishers every day that their advertising clients want brighter, more vivid colors, better paper- they want it faster - cheaper - better. This growing market demand combined with an age old commitment to meet print buyers' needs, fueled Eagle Web Press's search for a solution.

The UV process relies on special inks that have photo initiators in them that when exposed to UV light, spurs a chain reaction that forms a solid, dry continuous ink, yielding bright, vivid colors and deep rich blacks. We are very pleased with the success to date and anticipate an ever growing increase in demand of UV printed products.

Current paper stocks now available for this process at Eagle Web Press include 35# calendared stocks; 40# number 5 ground wood stocks, and 50#, 60# and 80# gloss book stocks. We have also achieved great results using the UV process on paper stocks traditionally reserved for cold web printing like the family of hi-brite stocks, uncoated book stocks and opaque book stocks. Not only does this process produce colors that jump off the page, it eliminates the possibility of offsetting.

The UV Printing process is environmentally friendly. A traditional heat set press emits volatile organic compounds into the air and uses high energy cost ovens and dryers to cure the inks.

Eagle Web Press has identified opportunities in the recycling of plastics, paper, solvents and aluminum. Our company recognized long ago that with the continued growth of the company came increased responsibilities to the "global" community. We have a demonstrated history of pursuing the use of "green" technologies. The goal is to conserve and save the environment. This commitment will continue in the coming generations. UV printing is the next step in that pursuit.